Morpeth town video

Embedding this video onto your website is as easy as cutting and pasting. Here's how to do it...

1. Click on the title area of the video above, this will take you to the YouTube website.

2. To add the video to your  website, look below the video for an 'Embed' link button. (see image below)


3. Click the embed button. The HTML code used to embed the video is displayed directly below it. By clicking your mouse within the new embed code (in the form field), all the text in that field is highlighted. You then right mouse click in that field, and select Copy from the list that will appear when you right click the field.

4. Alternatively, if you want to customise the size or colour you can do this by clicking on the colour and dimension boxes. This automatically changes the HTML code. Copy the code as in Step 3. (See image below for reference)


5. Go to your website. Open the source code of a site and the web page you want the video to feature on.

6. Using a tool such as Notepad or Expression Web, paste into your page (either right click again where you want it, and select Paste, or place the mouse cursor where you want it, and hit Control and V on your keyboard at the same time). The embed code will now be a part of your web page. Don't forget to save the page first.