The Northumberland Brand

The big picture

The Northumberland brand offers experiences and the freedom to discover the independent spirit of Northumberland.

The strength and character of Northumberland is expressed by giving the people, landscapes and products a voice: strong, clear and proud. It is this voice which articulates and celebrates what is distinctive and special about the county.



 offerWhat does Northumberland have to offer?



Brand expression

Challenging statements

These statements express our character in our own voice and in our own way. They are contrasts which naturally occur in our landscapes and the character of our people.



Statements of fact

These statements are attached to physical products of Northumberland. They express our pride in our produce, services or facilities and would normally appear alongside our logo.



How we sound


People say it takes time to get to know us, it’s true. We’re very proud of our county and we want to protect it. Our messages are honest, strong and clear, written and spoken in our own way.


You’re always welcome. Our messages communicate to people in an open, friendly way, whether we’re talking to friends, family or new acquaintances.


Don’t expect us to change, but expect us to share. We communicate the little things, the quirks and the juxtapositions. Our local knowledge and wisdom lead and make us different.


We’re playful and friendly, and always have time for a chat, or to share a joke. We use personal pronouns: I, we, you, rather than third person. Our messages are sometimes cheeky, but always truthful and down to earth.



Over to you!


Now you know about Northumberland’s Brand why not have a good look at the jewels in the crown? Northumberland’s 8 market towns – Amble, Alnwick, Berwick upon Tweed, Haltwhistle, Hexham, Morpeth, Seahouses and Wooler all have their own identity within the Northumberland Brand. If you want to get straight down to business you can bypass these and click on the ‘how do I use it’ guide.