Market Towns

Jewels in the crown

 The eight market towns that are part of the Market Town Welcome Programme are really the jewels in the crown of Northumberland. And in one way or another at least one of the towns often plays a big part in a visitor’s experience here.



Experience everything

Our visitors are looking for a rich, full and varied experience, and we need to convince them that across the eight towns, they can experience everything that Northumberland has to offer.

There’s no point in competing with each other. We’ve all got beautiful landscapes and a rich heritage in Northumberland.



Celebrate the character

We need to go deeper than that and celebrate the character and independence of each town.

It’s much better for the visitors to see the towns complimenting each other and this will add strength to the reasons for them to come here.

So what makes each of the towns different and unique?



Telling a story

To celebrate the independence of the towns we have to manage and define the reputation in the mind of our visitors. One that is true of the character of each town and what it has to offer. Really, it is what makes the town distinctive from anywhere else in Northumberland.

This doesn’t have to be a strap line.
The visitor might not ever even see it.

But it is a way of talking about each town. It’s a way of telling a story, rather than the story itself.



Now find out what makes each town so unique and different...


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