How do I use it?


What does it mean to you?

spirit---way-of-lifeIf the Northumberland brand offers experiences and the freedom to discover the independent spirit of Northumberland, then what does that mean for you?

Northumberland is a collection of independent spirits. It is this mix of attitudes, approaches and ways of doing things that makes us special.

By creating and communicating your own independent spirit you will help to build the brand, help people to understand more about the county and bring more visitors in to our county.



Your independent spirit comes from your



Over to you!


Download the guide

download-how-to-use-guideYou can use everything on this site to help you create your own independent spirit, but there’s no fixed ways for you to use these. Just do what feels right for your business. You may want to use a little of it. You may want to use a lot of it. You may decide that you want to use all of it. We’ve produced a guide to show how you could use some of the things on this site to help improve your communications.


Start using the brand

things-to-get-you-startedOnce you’ve taken a look at the guide it’s time for you to get started. To help you, we've set up a place which offers access to lots of valuable tools which will help you with your marketing. Whether you're looking for a logo to put on a flyer, or great photography to put on a website, you'll find it there.

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