Helpful people

helpful-peoplePeople worth speaking to

Sometimes two heads are better than one and it can be useful to ask questions or share ideas. There are lots of people who may be able to offer your business help, guidance and support, for marketing or other things. We thought that you’d appreciate it if we pointed you in the right direction of some people who may be able to help.



What you'll find in this section

Helpful organisations

These key local organisations can offer expert advice and guidance on your marketing activity.

Media contacts

You may be thinking of doing something with the media to promote your business. But how do you get in touch with them?

Marketing opportunities

We’re always doing things to attract visitors to our county. In this section you’ll find information on opportunities for you to work with us to promote your business using some of our activities.

Find a supplier

This list of local suppliers who could help you in your marketing actvity